The Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT (Grand Master Time) was originally created in collaboration with Pan Am airlines in the year 1954. This watch was engineered for pilots and navigators and features a “4th hand” used to tell time in different time zones. This model is very popular with businessmen and pilots who are always on the go and find themselves in different time zones. The used Rolex GMT Master comes in both oyster and jubilee bands and is manufactured in either stainless steel, 2tone (stainless steel and 18k Yellow gold), and 18k Yellow gold. In addition the GMT comes in a variety of different colored bezel inserts including the “Coke” (black & red), “Pepsi” (red & blue), and Rootbeer (brown), to name a few. Our pre-owned and vintage Rolex GMT’s are assets that only appreciate in value over time, but unlike a stock or bond can be worn and enjoyed on a daily basis.

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