Explorer I & II

The Rolex Explorer prototype watch was first manufactured by Rolex in the year 1953. It was engineered to withstand the rugged and high altitude conditions of the early climbers of Himalayas in particular Mount Everest. When sir Edmund Hillary first ascended mount Everest in the year 1953 he was wearing none other than a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer which later went on to become the Rolex Explorer. The Rolex Explorer was first introduced in the 36mm Explorer 1 variety in the 1960s and later in the 1980’s was introduced in the 1980’s in the Explorer 2 version with the larger 40mm case size available in both white and black dials. In 2011 Rolex followed the industry wide larger watch trend and re-released the 36mm Explorer 1 in a 39mm version (Ref # 214270) and the 40mm Explorer 2 in a 42mm version (ref # 216570). Our used Rolex Explorer watches come strictly in the stainless steel variety. Our vintage and pre-owned Rolex Explorer watches are assets that only appreciate in value over time but unlike a stock or bond can be worn and enjoyed on a daily basis.

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