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Nearly every Rolex sports model is available with custom DLC coating, or “Diamond-LikeCarbon” coating that creates a completely black timepiece destined to make a statement. A scratch-resistant coating named for its diamond-like hardness, DLC coating protects both “the watch and the wearer,” with each coating 100% removable. Find DLC coatings on Submariner, Explorer and Daytona models among numerous others, and enjoy the increased watch longevity the coating provides. Each DLC coating model comes with a clean finish as well as extended warranty and original Rolex box options.
PVD DLC Rolex Watches

Rolex Sea-Dweller DLC


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Our PVD process is a trade secret that uses proprietary techniques to tightly bond a substrate containing a combination Carbon and Titanium to the watch case and band. Typically used to increase the hardness and reduce friction of racing parts, cutting tools and surgical equipment our process involves completely disassembling the watch and placing it in a vacuum chamber to be blasted with a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating.

Our PVD process is stronger, and of a higher quality thatn other PVD coatings you might find.

Our DLC coating results in placing a chemical barrier on the watch to protect against the elements, reduce the effects of oxidation and achieve a high degree of hardness (up to 6,000 Vickers). To put things in perspective, 904L a.k.a. "Rolex Steel" has a rating of 490 Vickers and sapphire crystal has a rating of 2,500 Vickers.


Christie’s: Rolex Deep Sea Jacques Piccard edition fetches almost 40.000 USD
Antiquorum: Bamford PVD - Cosmograph Daytona Rolex sells at auction for $28,000


Many other top Swiss luxury brands have recognized PVD coating as a means of adding a touch of class to their current line of watches including: Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Panerai, Cartier, Breitling & Bell & Ross to name a few. It's amazing to see the huge difference that all-black versus stainless steel makes. Hints of color contrasted with the stark black really makes these limited edition run watches stand out on their own as a perfect accessory for any occassion. See below for some different brands using their version of PVD:

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Offshore 'End of Days'
Hublot "King Power" Red Devil
Limited edition (500 pcs.)
Panerai Luminor Marina PVD
Cartier Santos 100XL PVD


Will the PVD fade?
No. Our PVD process tightly bonds the DLC coating to the stainless steel surface of the watch. Unlike paint, powder coats or anodizing, the thin coating interpenetrates the steel material so it wont flake off.

Is it scratch-proof?
Our PVD coating is highly scratch-resistant (about 20x more) than 904L "Rolex Steel". It is perfect for wearing outdoors or for physical activities and is much more resistant to scratching than stainless steel. However, it can get scratched, and a deep enough scratch could reveal the stainless steel layer beneath.

What happens if I scratch it? Can it be recoated?
Yes. In rare cases where the coating has been scratched off, we our expert technicians can re-coat your watch for a nominal fee.

True Blacks - Our proprietary PVD coating process gives a true jet black coating (available in matte or polished), unlike many other competitor coatings you'll find that will be a "Charcoal" or "Gunmetal" Grey.

2 Year Warranty - Our DLC coating formula has been heavily refined and perfected and is warrantied against defects for 2 years from the time of purchase.

Full Coverage on band - Many companies are not able to completely coat the watch band (between the links) when performing PVD coating. Our process has been perfected to cover every inch of the band to give you an amazing military-grade, ultra hard coating that protects the entire watch.(show pictures)

PVD / DLC Coat Your Watch