Men's Day Date Presidents

The Rolex Day Date President was first introduced by Rolex in the year 1956. The day-date model is manufactured only in precious metals including 18k white, yellow and rose gold along with platinum. The “day” aperture at the 12:00 position comes from Rolex in 26 different languages. The “President” model gained its name after after the 34th president of the United States Dwight D Eisenhower, who was himself a huge Rolex fan, was presented a gold watch by Rolex directly. JFK Jr. later received a Rolex Presidential as a gift from none other than Marilyn Monroe herself in the year 1962. While traditionally the pre-owned Rolex steel Sport Models were the focus of collectors in the last few years we have seen a trend towards collectors recognizing how special the used Rolex President truly is. The pre-owned Rolex day-date president is a personal favorite of ours and we believe will only continue to increase in value as it welcomes itself to the pantheon of the greatest and most iconic Rolex models ever produced.

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